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Sweet Treats: a recap of where to indulge that sugar addition

Heading into the holiday season, I’m preparing for our annual tradition of making cookies that blend the best of our backgrounds. It’s a great time of year to ponder great desserts from around the globe… and how we’re going to work to try each and every one!

Italy: Gelato

Truthfully, Gelato has an unfair advantage – the first bite always reminds me of being in Italy. That decadent velvety texture and rich punch of flavor… any decent scoop makes you feel like you’re strolling the streets of Firezne.

Honolulu: Shave Ice

Our recent trip to Oahu proved to me that Snoopy didn’t know anything real about producing a good shaved ice. We scarfed down the most elaborate treats – pretty much creamy vanilla flavored snow topped with a pump of small batch syrup and the freshest pineapple. We found ours at a hidden food truck a few blocks away from the Palace, message me for the details!

Mexico: Churros

Si, si, si.  Por favor!!! We just can’t get enough of this salty/sweet fried comfort food that arrives with the option to dip it in caramel or chocolate. Actually, as I think about it, the list maybe should end here as this it clearly the combination of our most important taste needs.

Quito: Chocolate

If you’re a chocoholic, it may be time to return to the mother ship with a visit to Ecuador. This antioxidant rich treat is harvested locally from cacao – bars bought at Kallari CafĂ© benefit local farmers in the Napo Province. We can source artisan chocolate-making lessons for our clients who are invested in experiencing how this heavenly taste is created.

Paris: Crepes

Whoever said, “Paris is always a good idea,” may have left off the second part of his sentence – “because of Crepes!” These decadent and light treats can be filled as you like with sweet or savory treats, and topped with sprinkled sugar or cinnamon, and are a must have to ward off the afternoon hangries between visits to sites around the Latin Quarter .

New Orleans: Beignets

OMG. Even the word Beignet gets my mouth ready for these fried, piping hot pillowy treats. The combination of butter and sugar is simply the best and only combination worthy of a French Market chicory coffee. Mais bien sur, indeed!!!

Kyoto: Mochi

Leave it to the Japanese to perfect dessert. Sweet rice pounded into a super thin paste, molded into a very thin crust that surrounds your favorite ice cream flavors – pressed into charming shapes and colors – this sweet treat hits all our senses and we. are. here. for. it.

Vienna: Sacher Torte

Hotel Sacher Wien uses Franz Sacher’s original, secret recipe which (according to legend) dates back to 1832 – this decadent and elegant chocolate torte is all about the layers- fondant, fudge and a thin layer of fruit jam. The dark chocolate contrasts with the sweet jelly for a taste that’s quite literally legendary.

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