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Did I tell you about the time I went to CUBA?

Sitting at my desk having just returned from the MOST outstanding family trip to Italy in the history of all family vacations.  Seriously – it. was. epic.  And a blog on that will follow.

But in the tiny window between our trip to Unico 2087 in Riviera Maya and the amazing Adventures by Disney Viva Italia trip, I wedged in a quick exploration to Cuba – and, in honor of Hemingway, who lived there and said, “Never go on trips with anyone you do not love,” I shared this voyage with my mother, her sister and my cousin… It was a girls weekend, but also so much more…

Cuba is…

Scenic vistas.

Riding in classic convertibles.

Breathtaking sunsets.

Heartbreaking poverty.

Optimism and nationalism and pride.

Whirling dancers in colors too bright to describe.

Stretches of beach.

Rum and Cigars.

Artists colonies.

Synagogues that have thrived despite all the odds.

Crumbling infrastructure that was once a playground for the world’s richest celebrities.

Buildings that have been lovingly preserved and painstakingly restored to their former glory.

One of the most vivid places I have ever been. Can’t wait to go back, and can’t wait to send you there so you can experience the joy and emotion for yourself.



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