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How I spent my snow day:

Here are the top 5 trips I helped my clients plan this week in the blizzard.  All diverse, all amazing and all just a phone call away.

Let me know where you want to go and I’ll get you there.

  • The kids are looking forward to camp, well when the kids are away the parents will play.  Four couples chose an all-inclusive resort in Riviera Maya while their kids are at sleep away camp.
  • August, it’s hot, it’s the end of the summer, the kids are done with camp and dreading school. Pack up your family and head to a family resort with water parks, just like two other families decided to do last week.
  • Looking for an amazing college graduation trip?  How about a cruise to Alaska?  A mother and her daughter just booked one for May.
  • Cruise the world.  Enjoy the sites from Switzerland to Amsterdam and consider extending your stay.  It’s the plan for two of my clients who are getting ready to pack their bags.
  • Celebrate big milestones, like a 40th birthday, with a tour of Italy. Customize your itinerary with a variety of tours and wine tasting.  My client is celebrating his wife’s 40th birthday in style.
  • Multigenerational travel is truly the experience of a lifetime.  Take the whole family, grandparents too, to see the sights of Sedona and the majesty of the Grand Canyon. I just booked this amazing vacation for clients, their kids and parents.

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